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What makes Jimmy's Bakery unique?

Well I'm glad you asked. Most commercially made wheat products, ie pastries, cake, pasta, pie, pretzels, crackers, cereals and so much more are made with the primary ingredient looking something like "Enriched Wheat Flour" as it's top ingredient. Ingredient lists on food labels are in descending order starting with the largest quantity ingredient. You might think of "enriched" as a good thing. But the reality is that it is a bad thing. Why does flour, need to be enriched? The truth might surprise you. Governmental regulations require flour to be enriched with nutrients like niacin and riboflavin (popular ingredients I'm sure you've read on a label before) because of the way the flour is ground, all the nutrient content is filtered out. This is why all purpose flour has such a fine and white look to it. The nutritious part of the flour has been taken out and given to the pigs. Yes, corrupt corporations make swine more healthy than your babies, let that sink in.

A New Hope

Jimmy grinds his own flour and keeps all the nutrients in the flour. No need for "enriching," because it is already enriched! Fancy that! This is the key ingredient between Jimmy's baked goods and commercially bought goods. Add in the fact that he uses 0g of added sugar to his bread but it still comes out tasting delicious. Watch out for "Sugar Free" labels on your store bought foods, however. Many times the replacement ingredients (chemicals) used to get a sweet flavor are far worse than the sugar it was substituted for (think diet soda). No, Jimmy knows that the bananas, blueberries, and added chocolate chips along with the smoothness of his Pure Irish Butter give the banana bread all the sweetness it needs to make it a delicious recipe.

Homemade Flour For You to Devour

This leads to amazing, NUTRITIOUS, grains that you can eat and not worry about carb effects. Most modern dietitians are going to warn against the overconsumption of carbs when trying to lose weight as part of a balanced diet. Consider the source, however. Not all carbs are created equal. The store bought carbs that you buy of enriched wheat flour are something to avoid. Properly grinder flour with all of the nutrients intact and no preservatives is not only going to not have those same unhealthy effects on you, it will actually help out your digestive system. There is a reason that bread is mentioned so often in the Bible and is referred to as a food that one can live off of. It is that packed with nutrition and sustainment and when you eat Jimmy's baked goods, you will understand why and will be asking yourself, where in the world was this all my life? You're welcome. Head over to the Food section and lets see what this bread is all about!

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